Rescue Ink

Bruised. Not Broken. We Will Rebuild.


During Hurricane Sandy, the Rescue Ink Shelter suffered incredible damage. The priority of the founders of the organization was to protect the animals, and they did. However, the animals' home was destroyed and they are currently in foster homes and safe, secure, temporary housing. But we want them back home, with us, in our shelter.


Insurance only covers so much. And, since we lease the shelter from the city, the benefits will be minimal at best. There's FEMA, but how long will that be? How long do the cats and dogs have to wait on them? We've lost towels, litter, dry food, electric systems, bedding, Rescue Ink t-shirts, heat, everything. We even had a car donated earlier this year to help us go on cases. It was also destroyed.


The building is sturdy, it still stands. But the cleaning and restoration will be a hard process.


Many people have already donated to rebuild the shelter. Because of that love and support, we've been able to get started on our rebuilding, but we still need additional funds. We'd like to make this shelter far better than it ever was before, and continue to support other organizations as we always have in the past. Please purchase our 2013 Rescue Ink Calendar to make your much-needed donation today. Rescue Ink is a 501(c)(3) ID #26-2694976.