How to Make a Calendar

Select a Category
From the pull down menu
at the top of the page
or from a category icon
on the home page. 
Choose a Design
From the
category page.
Click on the
Customize Order
to start making
your Pet Calendar. 
Upload Photo
Pick Background
Add Text

Upload a photo, crop the photo.

Select Background color.

Add text by clicking on the
“Pet Name” button.

You can put your name on the
calender under “Created by”. 
Add and edit text in the box
at the bottom left. 
Check Out
Click on the blue
button to complete your
Shopping Cart
At the shopping cart
you can select the quanity.
Click on “Proceed to
Click on “Create an
At the bottom
right. If you already have an
account enter your email and
Then fill out the form with
your address and information.
Select”Click here to login”.
Login with your email address
and password,
proceed to check out.